Laura Edghill

Laura Edghill is a freelance writer, church communications director, and public school board member living in Clinton Township, Mich., with her engineer husband and three sons. She is a graduate of the WORLD Journalism Institute's mid-career course. Follow Laura on Twitter @LTEdghill.

Associated Press/Photo by Raad Adayleh

The young and the jobless in post-Arab Spring nations face tough odds

Middle East
by Laura Edghill
Posted 6/03/15, 12:38 pm

Millions of young people in the Middle East and North Africa are competing for jobs that are increasingly scarce. In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, regional turmoil and instability have left the region’s young workers stranded, with a youth unemployment rate of nearly 30 percent. That’s currently the highest rate worldwide for young workers, according to the International Labor Organization.

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Flickr/Photo by Kristin Andrus

Report shows bullying on the decline in schools

by Laura Edghill
Posted 5/19/15, 02:00 pm

Bullying rates have dropped in recent years, according to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Education. The report showed that just 22 percent of students ages 12-18 reported being bullied in 2013 after the number hovered around 28 percent for the last decade. Girls were more likely to be bullied than boys, and white students were more likely to be bullied than minorities.

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Associated Press/Photo by Edyta Blaszczyk/Odessa American

Texas debates mandatory heart testing for high school athletes

by Laura Edghill
Posted 5/12/15, 11:43 am

Texas lawmakers are pushing their state to become the first in the nation to require public high school athletes to undergo annual electrocardiogram (ECG) testing. Neither the American Heart Association nor the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends ECGs for routine physicals, but advocates of the legislation say it could save the lives of students like Cody Stephens.

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