Laura Edghill

Laura Edghill is a freelance writer, church communications director, and public school board member living in Clinton Township, Mich., with her engineer husband and three sons. She is a graduate of the WORLD Journalism Institute's mid-career course. Follow Laura on Twitter @LTEdghill.

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Why do South Korean teachers get the rock star treatment?

by Laura Edghill
Posted 10/12/15, 02:15 pm

A recent documentary shares a rare view inside the grueling, hyper-competitive world of the South Korean educational system, where the most successful teachers command packed stadium attendance and are treated like rock stars. 

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California first state to require sexual consent lessons in high school

Sex Education
by Laura Edghill
Posted 10/09/15, 12:15 pm

Last week, California became the first state in the nation to require lessons about sexual consent in high school sex education classes. The legislation mirrors laws passed last year mandating colleges and universities in both California and New York apply an “affirmative consent,” or “yes means yes” standard when investigating campus sexual assaults.

“California must continue to lead the nation in educating our young people—both women and men—about the importance of respect and maintaining healthy peer and dating relationships,” Assemblyman Rocky Chávez said.

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Job seekers turn to 'mini' degrees in hopes of big career boost

Higher Education
by Laura Edghill
Posted 9/23/15, 02:55 pm

Nanodegree programs, the latest education offering from Udacity, promise inexpensive, efficient, career-retraining tools for a variety of popular tech industry jobs. The nontraditional program is part of a wider push to tie higher education more closely to available jobs across all sectors of the workforce.

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