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Vatican summit brings little hope for change

Family | The historic meeting kicks off with historically low expectations
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 2/22/19, 03:00 pm

Pope Francis opened a four-day summit at the Vatican Thursday on preventing clergy sexual abuse by demanding action, not just condemnation. But critics are skeptical the meetings will set a new course for the church, particularly because the narrow focus of the gathering may fail to address the root cause of the crisis.

Organizers decided to restrict the topic of the summit to the sexual abuse of minors, bypassing two glaring issues some argue should be on the agenda: the sexual abuse of adults, especially seminarians and nuns, and homosexuality among Catholic leaders.

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Stealth stem cells

Science | A breakthrough discovery could be good news for patients and embryos
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 2/21/19, 03:56 pm

A new scientific discovery using gene-edited stem cells provides further evidence that scientists don’t need to kill embryos to find cures for degenerative diseases.

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Apologies and revelations before Catholic sex abuse summit

by Kiley Crossland
Posted 2/19/19, 12:45 pm

Catholic religious orders from around the world issued public apologies on Tuesday for failing to address sexual abuse of children by their priests. Two umbrella organizations representing the global religious orders of the Catholic Church—the Union of Superiors General for male orders and the International Union of Superiors General for female orders—issued a joint statement days before a sexual abuse summit organized by Pope Francis is set to begin on Thursday.

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