Kent Covington
Getty Images/Photo by Omar Haj Kadour/AFP

U.S. targets al-Qaeda fighters in Syria

by Kent Covington
Posted 7/02/19, 10:14 am

For the first time in two years, U.S. warplanes have killed al-Qaeda fighters in northwestern Syria. U.S. Central Command said Monday that it hit an al-Qaeda training facility near Aleppo. The airstrike killed eight fighters associated with al-Qaeda, including six commanders, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition-linked war monitoring group.

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Associated Press/Lega

EU voters elect new Parliament

by Kent Covington
Posted 5/27/19, 02:07 pm

Voters in large numbers from Thursday through Sunday in 28 European Union countries elected a new shared Parliament. Results indicate that mainstream parties will hold onto their majority in the 751-seat assembly. But populist parties calling for more sovereignty from the EU, including some calling for tighter immigration controls made big gains.

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Associated Press/Photo by Bryan Terry/The Oklahoman

Tornadoes strike Oklahoma, killing two and injuring dozens

by Kent Covington
Posted 5/27/19, 11:13 am

More deadly tornadoes hit the Southern Plains on Sunday, leaving destruction in their paths. The first twister struck near Oklahoma City, where it leveled a Budget Inn motel and tore through a mobile home park, killing at least two people and injuring 29 others.

El Reno, Okla., Mayor Matt White said aside from the deaths and injuries, the tornado left heartbreaking destruction in its wake. “Pray for the families,” he said. “People have absolutely lost everything. You’re not going to believe the devastation.”

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