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Secular groups help lead Chile's pro-life fight

Abortion | Unlike in the U.S., where Christian groups dominate the pro-life movement, Chilean secularists play a big role in advocating for unborn babies
by Katlyn Babyak
Posted 2/11/16, 09:57 am

Chile is one of a few remaining countries that prohibit abortion without exception. Illegal abortions carry a penalty of up to five years in prison. But pro-abortion advocates are chipping away at opposition to legalization and could soon celebrate a victory.

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Chile issues first civil marriage licenses to same-sex couples

by Katlyn Babyak
Posted 11/02/15, 11:15 am

SANTIAGO, Chile—Chile’s Civil Registry made an exception last month to its ongoing strike to perform the country’s first civil union ceremonies for same-sex couples. 

After 12 years of debate in the Chilean Parliament, President Michelle Bachelet signed the Civil Union Agreement into law in April, granting cohabitation rights to homosexual and heterosexual couples. The agreement also gives partners parental rights and health care and pension benefits but does not permit adoption. 

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Photo by Katlyn Babyak

'Like David fighting against Goliath'

Ministry | Christian school in Chile teaches students with Down syndrome to say, yes we can
by Katlyn Babyak
Posted 9/10/15, 10:48 am

SANTIAGO, Chile—In the Chilean culture, children with disabilities are seen as shameful, an embarrassment, a curse from God. But the South American country leads the region in Down syndrome births—1 in 400, making it increasingly more likely to have at least one child in an extended family with the genetic condition.

Some experts blame Chile’s delayed maternity, since the likelihood of having a child with Down syndrome increases with age. But the country’s pro-life culture also has an effect: Chile is one of the few remaining countries with an absolute ban on abortion.

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