Katie Gaultney

Katie is a senior correspondent for WORLD Radio. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin School of Journalism and Southern Methodist University. She previously worked in public relations, event planning, and speechwriting. Katie resides with her family in Dallas. Follow her on Twitter @gaultney.

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Another COVID-19 surge

Coronavirus | A Minnesota doctor says he and his colleagues are bracing for a tumultuous fall and winter with the coronavirus
by Katie Gaultney
Posted 11/10/20, 04:55 pm

On a typical day, Dr. Ben Daxon steps from 5 a.m. darkness into the unforgiving fluorescent glare of the Mayo Clinic intensive care unit. He doesn’t have to clock in until 6, but he likes to read up on his patients so he’s prepared with questions for the nursing staff. 

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Lending an arm to end COVID-19

Health | Trials and volunteers assist pharmaceutical companies as they race to make a safe coronavirus vaccine for the public
by Katie Gaultney
Posted 10/16/20, 03:26 pm

As a doctor of nursing practice, Tara Cavazos is very comfortable being the one giving the shots. But last month, she found herself in the role of “patient” as a participant in Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trial in Dallas. 

In the trial, participants don’t know whether they’ve received the vaccine or a placebo—a hypertonic saline solution. Cavazos reported feeling “some discomfort” during her first injection, along with residual pain in her bicep. 

“It felt different than a typical flu shot or a tetanus vaccine,” she said. 

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Telemedicine’s big moment

Health | As doctors limit in-office visits to prevent coronavirus spread, many join the telehealth movement
by Katie Gaultney
Posted 7/16/20, 03:41 pm

Andrew Boyett is still paying for a fleeting mistake he made while studying abroad in France 15 years ago. Driven by all the hubris a 20-year-old could muster, he and some classmates decided to climb a moss-covered exterior wall at what remains of Richard the Lionheart’s castle. But after climbing 40 feet, Boyett remembered that what goes up must come down.

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