June Cheng

June is a reporter for WORLD. She is a World Journalism Institute graduate and covers East Asia, including China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Follow June on Twitter @JuneCheng_World.

Ng Han Guan/AP

Expelled from China

Missions | Missionaries say the Communist country is kicking them out, one by one
by June Cheng
Posted 1/31/19, 01:09 am

Last fall, missionary John Miller sat in the back row of an unregistered church in Sichuan province, worshipping as he had every Sunday morning for the past year and a half. Then eight police officers walked in. As the only foreigner in the room, Miller tried to sneak out of the building, but police noticed him and ran down the aisle to stop him. They asked for his passport and took down his information before allowing him to return to worship.

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China’s young internet idols

Documentary | New documentary People’s Republic of Desire looks at a fascinating but disturbing livestreaming trend in China
by June Cheng
Posted 1/17/19, 05:04 pm

In her apartment in Chengdu, China, 21-year-old Shen Man sits in front of her computer screen, a webcam pointed at her dolled-up face as she croons a love ballad into a microphone. Tens of thousands of people watch her livestream on their smartphones or computers, sending virtual gifts of flowers or lollipops—each costing between 15 cents a few dollars—to show their support. Big spenders gain VIP titles by sending bigger gifts reaching into the thousands of dollars, and in response Shen cooingly thanks them by username. Each month, Shen earns $40,000 as a top YY.com livestream host.

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Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images

The fight for Chinese rights

Persecution | A network of lawyers in China has led a bold effort to enforce the rule of law, but Communist opposition is formidable
by June Cheng
Posted 1/17/19, 02:59 pm

For three years after her husband’s disappearance, Li Wenzu had no idea where he was or whether he was even alive. Wang Quanzhang, a 42-year-old Chinese human rights lawyer who had represented political dissidents and the victims of land grabs, first went missing during a 2015 crackdown, when Communist agents detained more than 320 lawyers and activists. 

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