June Cheng

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Zion Church

House hunters

China | A government campaign against house churches hits Christians in Beijing
by June Cheng
Posted 7/05/18, 01:03 am

At the 10th anniversary of the founding of Beijing’s Zion Church in 2017, the church’s multimedia team edited together clips from the church’s first Sunday with 50 members, its recent megachurch-style worship service, views of Beijing skyscrapers, and scenes from Jesus movies all set to a dramatic soundtrack. The video told the story of how a modest house church grew to one of the largest unregistered churches in the country: Each Sunday about 1,600 worshippers attend one of 14 services spread across Zion’s eight locations, the video’s deep-voiced narrator announced.

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Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

A ‘No Trespassing’ law Down Under

Australia | Australia’s new foreign influence law was written with China in mind
by June Cheng
Posted 7/04/18, 09:56 am

The Australian Parliament passed strict new legislation last week to prevent interference by foreign entities, a measure responding to rising concerns over Chinese interference in Australia. China sharply criticized the law and claimed a “Cold War mentality” was undermining Sino-Australian relations.

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Courtesy Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum

Shanghai’s Jewish refugees

China | During World War II, Shanghai became a home for thousands fleeing Nazi violence
by June Cheng
Posted 6/29/18, 05:24 pm

In the Hongkou district of Shanghai stands the Ohel Moshe Synagogue, a European-style red-and-black brick building with archways and wraparound balconies. It’s a piece of Shanghai’s history that is now nearly lost in its race toward modernity: During World War II, Shanghai was home to 20,000 Jewish refugees who had fled Europe and needed a place to take them in. The Ohel Moshe Synagogue, established by Russian Jewish immigrants in 1907, was converted to a psychiatric hospital and an office space under the reign of Mao Zedong.

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