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Midnight oil

Asia | As protests in Hong Kong turn increasingly bloody, local pastors and churches consider how to support the democracy movement while working for peace
by June Cheng
Posted 8/29/19, 12:15 pm

On a stiflingly hot August night, about 100 Christians gathered outside the Government House, the official residence of Hong Kong’s chief executive. Holding plastic LED candles and led by a youthful worship band, they sang a Cantonese hymn based on Amos 5:24.

“Let righteousness run down like a never-failing stream / Justice like a river / God does not only reside in the Temple / He shows compassion to the oppressed / God’s tabernacle is among the people.”

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The Yomiuri Shimbun via AP Images

Hong Kong resolve

Hong Kong | Pro-democracy protests continue unabated as supporters rally to the cause
by Erica Kwong & June Cheng
Posted 8/23/19, 01:31 pm

On Sunday in Hong Kong, an estimated 1.7 million people turned out under a pouring rain in a massive protest for democratic freedoms. It was the first peaceful weekend in 11 weeks of rallies and marches as the Hong Kong people continue to demand democratic representation and oppose a controversial extradition bill.

Things have changed since the protests began in June. Mark Sin, a 29-year-old university administrator, recalls watching protesters flee in different directions as police fired tear gas at demonstrators during a June 12 rally.

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Kin Cheung/AP

Propaganda vs. the people

Hong Kong | China is using state-run media and other tools to shape views on the Hong Kong protests
by June Cheng
Posted 8/14/19, 03:55 pm

As reported in China Snapshot for the past few months, the protests in Hong Kong have arisen out of the concerns of residents: The protesters oppose Beijing’s encroachment on Hong Kong autonomy, want their local government to listen to public opinion, and wish to freely elect their leaders.

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