June Cheng

June is a reporter for WORLD. She is a World Journalism Institute graduate and covers East Asia, including China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Follow June on Twitter @JuneCheng_World.

Screen grab from Bitter Winter video

Watchdog on the web

Persecution | With a network of informants, the website Bitter Winter documents religious persecution in China
by June Cheng
Posted 12/20/19, 08:37 am

Last year, a reporter for the website Bitter Winter captured never-before-seen video footage of the inside of a reeducation camp in Xinjiang, China. The video showed bars and wire netting fitted over the dormitory windows, rooms with double iron doors and a keypad lock, surveillance cameras throughout the campus, and outdoor areas surrounded by chain-link fences. On the exterior of the building were words of appreciation for China’s Communist leader: “Heartfelt thanks for the cordial care of the Party Central Committee, with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core.”

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GREG BAKER/AFP via Getty Images

Leaks from Xinjiang

China | The publication of secret documents is helping draw attention to China’s Uighur prison camps
by June Cheng
Posted 12/13/19, 04:57 pm

In summer 2018, I remember talking to my friends while working on an article about the estimated 1 million Muslim minorities, mostly Uighurs, held in reeducation camps in China’s Xinjiang region. None of those friends had heard about the situation, and they were shocked to learn that concentration camps had reemerged with merely a blip on the world’s radar. 

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Anniversary of a crackdown

China | One year after a police raid, members of a prominent Chinese church wrestle with past traumas and endure ongoing threats
by June Cheng
Posted 12/09/19, 06:39 pm

Late in November, a Chinese court sentenced Qin Defu, an elder at the influential Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu, to four years in prison. The charges, according to lawyer Zhang Peihong, were “illegal business operation” for printing and distributing 20,000 books for church use.

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