June Cheng

June is the East Asia correspondent for WORLD Magazine. Follow June on Twitter @JuneCheng_World.

Associated Press/Photo by Didi Tang

China launches campaign to destroy church crosses

by June Cheng
Posted 5/22/15, 01:26 pm

One year after authorities sent excavators to tear down the large Sanjiang Church in Wenzhou, China, officials have returned to remove crosses from the top of churches in Zhejiang province, even drafting regulations banning crosses from the cityscape.

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Jimmy Lam/Redux

Growing pains, great gains

China | God is granting massive growth to the church in China, but with it come great challenges. Mature Chinese Christians are finding ways to counter heresies, rampant abortion, and state-school indoctrination
by June Cheng
Posted 5/15/15, 01:00 am

NORTHERN and EASTERN CHINA—In a Christian bookstore, customers flip through books over an espresso, purchase totes with 1 John 4:12 printed on their sides, and meet for Bible studies. Nothing surprising about that—except that His Light Books & Coffee sits in a Beijing-outskirts shopping plaza, where poplar tree pollen swirls and drifts like snow.

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Handout photo

Chinese church holds pro-life protest

Abortion | Leaders hope their public witness will awaken the church to the humanity of unborn children
by June Cheng
Posted 5/12/15, 01:55 pm

For about 10 minutes on Saturday, young men and women stood in front of major hospitals in Chengdu, China, holding up red pro-life banners and graphic photos of abortion. After snapping a few photos and capturing the attention of a few passersby, the groups quickly left to keep ahead of local police officers who likely would have arrested them.

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