June Cheng

June is the East Asia correspondent for WORLD Magazine. Follow June on Twitter @JuneCheng_World.

The modern Chinese house church

Evangelicalism | In China, “house churches” can be more sophisticated than many outsiders realize
by June Cheng
Posted 5/31/18, 10:31 am

What comes to mind when you hear the term “house church”? Perhaps you visualize a dozen believers secretly gathered in an apartment, singing hymns a cappella, listening to a short sermon, sharing a meal, and then going off their separate ways.

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Courtesy Zhuang Liehong

Dreams of democracy

Immigration | New book Patriot Number One profiles Chinese Democracy activists transplanted in New York
by June Cheng
Posted 5/24/18, 05:32 pm

Two years ago I wrote about Wukan, a fishing village in Guangdong province that in 2011 launched a protest over corrupt officials’ land grabs. The protest led to a rare success: The government allowed Wukan residents to elect their own village-level leaders. Yet that experiment ended in 2016, when officials arrested a local elected official, Lin Zuluan, on trumped-up corruption charges.

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Arrested in Chengdu

China | On the 10th anniversary of the Sichuan earthquake, Chinese authorities played catch-and-release with house church members who commemorated the disaster
by June Cheng
Posted 5/14/18, 11:58 am

Police officers in Chengdu, China, detained Pastor Wang Yi and 200 members of Early Rain Covenant Church over the weekend as they prepared to gather for a service commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Sichuan earthquake. All were released within 24 hours—but the arrests and crackdown on one of China’s most influential house churches raised alarms over the Xi Jinping regime’s growing efforts against Christians.

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