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Hong Kong clampdown leads to loss of special U.S. status

China | In response to the Hong Kong national security law, the U.S. plans to take away the territory’s trade preferences
by June Cheng
Posted 6/04/20, 09:21 am

When Hong Kong’s democracy protesters waved American flags last November to thank the U.S. government for passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, they knew the bill was a double-edged sword: It requires the United States to assess annually whether Hong Kong has enough autonomy to continue receiving preferential trade benefits. This punishes China for encroaching on Hong Kong and breaking its promise to give the territory a “high degree of autonomy” for 50 years.

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AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

“The end of Hong Kong”

China | Beijing signals the end of Hong Kong’s autonomy with a sweeping national security law to criminalize dissent
by June Cheng
Posted 5/22/20, 10:17 am

Crossing the border between mainland China and Hong Kong has always illuminated stark differences. On one side, the internet is censored, any dissent could lead to imprisonment, unregistered churches meet quietly, and the Chinese Communist Party rules with an iron fist. On the other, people access a free internet, protest for their freedoms, worship freely, vote for some of their lawmakers, and have long enjoyed one of the world’s freest economies.

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China’s Wolf Warrior policy

Asia | China is getting aggressive toward adversaries in the face of coronavirus criticism
by June Cheng
Posted 5/20/20, 03:53 pm

In Wolf Warrior 2, the 2017 Chinese blockbuster that became the country’s highest-grossing film of all time, a former special ops soldier in Africa defeats Western mercenaries, rescues trapped factory workers, and protects the vaccine for the Ebola-like “Lamanla” virus that a Chinese doctor discovered.

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