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China’s real death toll

Coronavirus | How many people really died of COVID-19 in Wuhan?
by June Cheng
Posted 4/02/20, 05:31 pm

Signs of life are returning in China after a two-month lockdown. In Chengdu, rather than being cooped up in homes, citizens can freely enter and exit apartment complexes without a temperature check. Businesses have reopened, including the city’s ubiquitous hot pot restaurants. Pastor Paul Peng of Enfu Church recently went to a restaurant to eat for the first time in months, noting he was one of only a few patrons. The owner commented that business was slow. 

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Chinatopix via AP

Telling the truth about coronavirus

Coronavirus | Ordinary Chinese citizens are finding creative ways to tell the truth about their government’s response
by June Cheng
Posted 3/20/20, 04:42 pm

As the coronavirus outbreak dies down in China and surges in the West, Chinese officials and propagandists are declaring a victory for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the “people’s war” against the virus. 

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Kin Cheung, File / AP Photo

China’s non-coronavirus news

China | Beijing continues a crackdown on dissidents, Hong Kong protesters, and religious minorities
by June Cheng
Posted 3/06/20, 08:40 am

While the China-related headlines have focused on the novel coronavirus outbreak for the last month and a half, you may have missed other breaking news that reveals the continuing trend of China flexing its control inside and outside the country.

Swedish bookseller sentenced to 10 years

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