Julie Roys

Julie is an author, speaker, journalist, and veteran radio host based in Chicago.

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Hard times at Harvest

Evangelicalism | Former elders, pastors, and staffers from Chicago’s Harvest Bible Chapel accuse the church of financial mismanagement and a culture of deception and intimidation
by Julie Roys
Posted 12/13/18, 02:57 pm

Five years ago, Harvest Bible Chapel, a Chicago-area megachurch with multiple campuses and an average weekly attendance exceeding 12,000, sent shock waves through the Christian community when it publicly excommunicated two former elders and indirectly censured a third.

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Anatomy of a pro-life social media success

by Julie Roys
Posted 7/17/15, 05:00 pm

The mainstream media largely ignored the video featuring Planned Parenthood executive Deborah Nucatola discussing how abortionists judiciously dismember babies and then send their parts to medical labs for a price. The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released the video on YouTube Tuesday morning. But none of the major broadcast networks, except Fox News, included the story in its Tuesday evening broadcast.  

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Wheaton's 'gay celibate Christian'

Sexuality | The evangelical college’s counselor believes she cannot change her sexual orientation, but others say that denies God’s ability to heal
by Julie Roys
Posted 12/11/14, 12:16 pm

Three months ago Wheaton College, one of America’s leading evangelical undergraduate institutions, hired Julie Rodgers to provide spiritual care for students. Not surprising in some ways: She has a master’s degree in English, has mentored inner-city youth, and speaks at Christian churches and conferences. One surprise: She openly identifies as homosexual.

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