Julie Borg

Julie is a World Journalism Institute graduate. She covers science and intelligent design for WORLD and is a clinical psychologist. Julie resides in Dayton, Ohio.

Pomona College/Photo by Robert Gaines

New find, same old stumbling block

Science | A Cambrian fossil discovery renews the challenge to evolution
by Julie Borg
Posted 3/28/19, 03:20 pm

Researchers in China have discovered a mass of fossils near the Danshui River that date to the Cambrian Explosion, a biological phenomenon that defies Darwinian evolution. A study published in Science on Friday describes the trove of 101 animal species preserved in exquisite detail, including soft tissue like gills, muscles, digestive systems, appendages, and even eyes. So far, 53 percent of the species found were previously unknown.

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Associated Press/Photo by Mark Schiefelbein

Scientists call for moratorium on germline editing

Science | Christian bioethicists say the proposal doesn’t go far enough
by Julie Borg
Posted 3/21/19, 01:10 pm

A group of prominent scientists and bioethicists from seven countries published an editorial in the journal Nature last week calling for a worldwide moratorium on heritable genome editing. They want to prevent any more of their peers from engineering gene-edited babies like Chinese scientist He Jiankui did last year, but Christian ethicists say the proposal falls short.

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Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Hazards in the lab

Science | Risky viral research gets a government green light
by Julie Borg
Posted 3/14/19, 03:54 pm

The United States government has quietly resumed funding for certain high-risk viral experiments that regulators had blocked for four years, according to a February report by Science magazine.

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