Julie Borg

Julie is a clinical psychologist and writer who lives in Dayton, Ohio. She reports on science and intelligent design for WORLD Magazine and WORLD Digital.


Huge human brains puzzle evolutionists

Science | Natural selection can’t explain why animal brains are so much smaller than ours
by Julie Borg
Posted 5/31/18, 03:25 pm

God created humans with a huge brain, three times larger than that of a chimpanzee. That difference puzzles evolutionists because our brains are much larger than they need to be and enable us to do far more than merely survive.

Now, scientists at St. Andrews University in Scotland are using computer simulations in an attempt to demonstrate mathematically why natural selection gave us such gigantic brains.

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UCLA/Christelle Snow

Shocked snails and the wonders of RNA

Science | Scientists discover new function for genetic workhorse
by Julie Borg
Posted 5/24/18, 03:36 pm

Researchers at UCLA say they transferred memories between marine snails through injections of RNA.

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‘Herd immunity’ hurdle

Science | Mass immunizations against Ebola offer little promise of success
by Julie Borg
Posted 5/24/18, 03:05 pm

On the heels of the World Health Organization’s announcement of an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a new research study cast doubt on the ability of mass vaccination campaigns to prevent such Ebola outbreaks in the future.

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