Julie Borg

Julie is a World Journalism Institute graduate. She covers science and intelligent design for WORLD and is a clinical psychologist. Julie resides in Dayton, Ohio.

California State University/Christine Lee

A toothache for Darwinists

Science | Fossil find complicates theory of human evolution
by Julie Borg
Posted 8/01/19, 01:46 pm

Analysis of an ancient human tooth just took one more bite out of the evolutionary narrative. The discovery adds to an increasing body of scientific evidence suggesting that Neanderthals, Denisovans, and modern humans belong to one species. Though it throws a wrench into the theory that humans descended from archaic subspecies that migrated out of Africa, it fits quite well into the Biblical narrative.

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Mole rat defies natural selection

Science | Research results don’t quite line up with evolutionary expectations
by Julie Borg
Posted 7/25/19, 03:10 pm

The lowly Highveld mole rat, a burrowing rodent, often shares its underground home with natal droptail ants, insects whose bite injects victims with formic acid, a chemical that should cause intense burning and stinging. But the chemical doesn’t affect these mole rats, and evolutionary scientists recently conducted a study, published May 31 in Science, to learn why. What they found fits far better with a creationist worldview than with the predictions of Darwinian evolution.

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Bee design

Science | Divine design protects honeybees from disease
by Julie Borg
Posted 7/18/19, 03:47 pm

The ability of honeybees to pass immunity to certain diseases from one bee to another has baffled scientists for years.

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