Julie Borg

Julie is a clinical psychologist and writer who lives in Dayton, Ohio. She reports on science and intelligent design for WORLD Magazine and WORLD Digital.


Dandelion design

Science | Flight of the plant’s seeds astonishes bioengineers
by Julie Borg
Posted 11/15/18, 04:21 pm

The fluffy seeds that make dandelions so prolific as weeds also makes them unique in God’s creation. A team of bioengineers recently discovered dandelions use a type of flight scientists have never seen before, according to a study published in the journal Nature last month.

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Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Year-long tide

Environment | Algae bloom off Florida coast has many more-than-human causes 
by Julie Borg
Posted 11/09/18, 09:26 am

This month marks a full year that the noxious red tide, a harmful algae bloom that can kill fish and cause respiratory irritation in humans, has plagued the Florida coast. These algae blooms are nothing new for Florida, but the long duration of this one has some environmentalists pinning the blame on global warming and other human activities.

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Associated Press/Photo by Teresa Crawford

Desperate for antidepressants

Science | Unapproved use of a dangerous drug skyrockets
by Julie Borg
Posted 11/08/18, 04:36 pm

Ketamine, a drug first used in the 1960s as an anesthetic for animals and people, is suddenly popping up across the United States as a treatment for depression despite the fact that the Food and Drug Administration has not approved it for that purpose.

The American Society for Ketamine Physicians, representing about 140 U.S. doctors, nurses, psychologists, and others who offer ketamine treatment, formed last year. Just three years ago, only about 20 ketamine clinics existed in the United States. That number has jumped to 150, according to society co-founder Megan Oxley.

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