Julie Borg

Julie is a clinical psychologist and writer who lives in Dayton, Ohio. She reports on science and intelligent design for WORLD Magazine and WORLD Digital.

Associated Press/Photo by Brennan Linsley

The dangers of a Rocky Mountain high

by Julie Borg
Posted 1/14/14, 11:15 am

The serious health risks of marijuana get little publicity these days amidst the euphoria of those who championed the legalization of recreational use now in effect in Colorado and soon in Washington. Although a Rocky Mountain high is now legal, government regulators insist that doesn’t make it wise. Because marijuana use has only been prevalent since the late 1970s, doctors are just beginning to understand the long-term hazards.

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Associated Press/Photo by Andrew Peacock/Australasian Antarctic Expedition/Footloose Fotography

Ice-bound scientists get first-hand global warming lesson

by Julie Borg
Posted 1/03/14, 02:20 pm

A Chinese helicopter on Thursday rescued passengers from a ship stuck in Antarctic sea ice for nine days, sparking discussion about scientists’ questionable ability to predict climate change. Ironically, the passengers were researchers studying the impact of global warming on Antarctica. 

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Associated Press/Photo by Ryan Hasler

What’s the deal with fruitcake?

by Julie Borg
Posted 12/24/13, 10:00 am

Johnny Carson, former host of the The Tonight Show, once joked that fruitcake is so bad that only one exists, and it just keeps getting re-gifted. But before you throw out that dreaded fruitcake from Grandma this Christmas, take a minute to appreciate its rich history, or at least subject it to some scientific investigation.

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