Julie Borg

Julie is a clinical psychologist and writer who lives in Dayton, Ohio. She reports on science and intelligent design for WORLD Magazine and WORLD Digital.

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Illness in children: Coincidence or coronavirus?

Science | Strange new disease confounds scientists
by Julie Borg
Posted 5/28/20, 04:19 pm

Jayden Hardowar, a normally healthy, energetic, 8-year-old boy spiked a 103-degree fever on April 23. Per his doctor’s recommendation, his parents cared for him at their home in Queens, N.Y. But on April 28, he suddenly went into cardiac arrest, Hardowar’s father told WNBC-TV in New York.

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YouTube/University of Colorado School of Medicine

The good stem cells

Science | Parkinson’s patient receives the first successful stem cell transplant
by Julie Borg
Posted 5/21/20, 04:00 pm

A decade of battling Parkinson’s disease left 69-year-old George Lopez unable to bike, swim, fish, or even tie his shoes. Constant pain plagued the physician, businessman, and inventor, and he struggled just to push himself out of a chair, Stat News reported. But thanks to an experimental new procedure, Lopez can once again enjoy many of those activities.

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Hot on the virus trail

Science | Researchers track mutations to reconstruct COVID-19’s history
by Julie Borg
Posted 4/30/20, 03:07 pm

Scientists are using advanced genome sequencing technology to unravel the crisscrossing paths the new coronavirus took around the globe. They hope to better understand the spread of the virus and how to contain it.

A virus can replicate itself billions of times within an infected person’s body. Tiny genetic mutations arise in some of those replications and can eventually result in new families of the virus. Scientists can track the spread of the coronavirus by analyzing mutation patterns.

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