Juliana Chan Erikson

Juliana is a graduate of the WORLD Journalism Institute’s mid-career class.


Study links state prosperity to two-parent families

by Juliana Chan Erikson
Posted 11/09/15, 10:35 am

Marriage isn’t just good for the kids: A new study says two-parent families may be good for the American economy, too.

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Creative Commons

Black pro-lifers: Get Margaret Sanger out of the National Portrait Gallery

by Juliana Chan Erikson
Posted 8/27/15, 03:43 pm

WASHINGTON—A group of African-American pastors and pro-life activists gathered at the Smithsonian Institution this morning to ask for the removal of a statue of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. The request is part of a renewed backlash against the abortion giant following an undercover investigation into its profiteering from fetal tissue sales.

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Film Movement

Marie's Story

by Juliana Chan Erikson
Posted 5/29/15, 01:00 am

Marie Heurtin may be the French Helen Keller, but The Miracle Worker this film is not. Compared to the acclaimed 1962 movie, which made Keller an American household name, this weepy account (unrated, in French with English subtitles) of a girl born deaf and blind at the turn of the 20th century is as inspiring as it is ultimately underwhelming.

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