John Dawson

John is a correspondent for WORLD. He is a graduate of the World Journalism Institute, the University of Texas at Austin, and previously wrote for The Birmingham News. John resides in Dallas, Texas. Follow him on Twitter @talkdawson.

Hidden treasures

Video | Planet Earth documentary offers rare glimpses of nature's wonders
by John Dawson
Posted 5/12/07, 12:00 am

The Psalmist writes: "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands." And even though producers of the hit nature documentary series Planet Earth may not know all they are seeing through their expensive high-definition cameras, the wonder and diversity with which God created our planet leap off the screen.

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Spring surprises

Sports | A-Rod and Hamilton shine in the regular season's first weeks
by John Dawson
Posted 5/05/07, 12:00 am

They say you can't win the pennant in April. Even hot-starting teams come back to earth. At the beginning of baseball's fourth week, with no team even threatening to run away with the division, scribes and baseball fans turned elsewhere for storylines. Three weeks in, a triumvirate of surprises kept baseball's opening month interesting.

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Road less traveled

Sports | Sixty years after Jackie Robinson's breakthrough, most black athletes shun baseball
by John Dawson
Posted 4/28/07, 12:00 am

Fewer and fewer African-Americans are using the door Jackie Robinson burst through in 1947 when he became the first black major league baseball player. Today, only 8.4 percent of major leaguers are black, according to the University of Central Florida's Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports. In 1995, black major leaguers made up 19 percent of the big league field. In the mid-1970s, the portion of African-American major leaguers approached 30 percent.

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