John Dawson

John is a correspondent for WORLD. He is a graduate of the World Journalism Institute, the University of Texas at Austin, and previously wrote for The Birmingham News. John resides in Dallas, Texas. Follow him on Twitter @talkdawson.

Associated Press/Photo by Elaine Thompson (file)

Color coding rivers

Science | The shifting shades of bodies of water can tell scientists about their health
by John Dawson
Posted 1/07/21, 12:14 pm

America’s rivers are changing colors, moving from blue to shades of green and yellow, a group of researchers says.

A team of scientists poured over hundreds of thousands of river images dating back to 1984 and published their findings in the journal Geophysical Research Letters in December. They found about a third of American rivers have changed color, according to lead author John Gardner of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Associated Press/Photo by Peter Byrne/PA (file)

A mutating virus

Science | A U.K. variant of the coronavirus spreads quickly
by John Dawson
Posted 1/07/21, 12:09 pm

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday ordered England into its third lockdown, warning that the nation’s hospitals could become overwhelmed within 21 days. But it wasn’t just an increase in COVID-19 cases that prompted the move—the country is also facing a new, quick-spreading variant of the virus that causes the illness.

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Associated Press/Photo by Mark Lennihan

Monitoring vaccine side effects

Science | No reports of serious negative outcomes from the COVID-19 shots so far
by John Dawson
Posted 12/17/20, 12:09 pm

Sandra Lindsay, a nurse at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York, became the first American on Monday to receive a COVID-19 vaccine (besides those participating in medical trials). Pfizer, in association with BioNTech, began rolling out the shot just days after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved it on Dec. 11. “I believe this is the weapon that will end the war,” New York Gov.

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