Joel Belz

Joel is WORLD's founder. He contributes regular commentary for WORLD Magazine and WORLD Radio. Joel has served as editor, publisher, and CEO over three decades at WORLD and is the author of Consider These Things. Joel resides with his wife, Carol, near Asheville, N.C.

We’re all crooks

Government | Inscrutable rulemaking leaves us at the mercy of government
by Joel Belz
Posted 3/15/17, 03:43 pm

I felt like a common criminal—or worse. The policeman was telling me that unless I backed off, he might arrest me on three charges.

I had been driving home from work on a narrow shortcut. Confronting me, and crowding me from the left, was a huge lumber truck. On my immediate right was a large construction site, to which I assumed the truck was headed. All but invisible in the busy scenario was a rusty steel fence, right in the roadway and barely separating my lane from the building site. No signs, no flashers, no blinkers. Not even any reflectors.

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‘System for sinners’

Voices | The insight of democratic capitalist Michael Novak
by Joel Belz
Posted 3/01/17, 02:33 pm

“Socialism is a system for saints. Democratic capitalism works because it’s a system for sinners.”

Over 50 years as a journalist, I’ve scribbled lots of forgettable quotes in my reporter’s notebook. But these 15 words were nothing if they weren’t both electric and memorable. They just kept leaping off the page.

All this was at the core of a 1983 interview I had with Michael Novak, who died Feb. 17 at his home in Washington at the age of 83.

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Bilal Hussein/AP

Using the source material

Immigration | We can avoid embarrassing silence on immigration
by Joel Belz
Posted 2/15/17, 03:34 pm

“I’ll tell you one thing I especially like about WORLD magazine,” William Bennett told me during a visit in his office in downtown Washington, D.C. “I’m glad for your position on immigration. I appreciate your open spirit. It’s rare enough among conservatives.”

I was surprised that this former secretary of education in President Ronald Reagan’s Cabinet and “drug czar” under President George H.W. Bush picked that particular aspect of WORLD’s profile and reputation.

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