Joel Belz

Joel, WORLD's founder, writes a regular column for the magazine and contributes commentaries for The World and Everything in It. He is also the author of Consider These Things.

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Boys to men

White House | Past behavior may predict future results, but it doesn’t have to be that way
by Joel Belz
Posted 2/01/17, 03:47 pm

For all you armchair psychiatrists out there, here’s a midwinter assignment: Just how much of President Donald Trump’s sometimes bizarre behavior can be traced to his boyhood?

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Krieg Barrie

Fixing little mistakes

Lifestyle | Politicians and citizens alike should take up the habit
by Joel Belz
Posted 1/17/17, 10:50 am

I’ve always treasured the advice of a friend who was not only a skilled airplane pilot but who was also occasionally assigned by the Federal Aviation Administration to report back on safety practices at various airports.

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Unhelpful insults

Politics | God’s people shouldn’t be tone-deaf
by Joel Belz
Posted 1/06/17, 04:00 am

At the time, when he made the statement, it struck me as one of the dumbest remarks a politician could make. Two years earlier, his Republican Party had lost the presidency to Barack Obama. Now, Mitch McConnell was speaking as the Senate minority leader. “Our No. 1 priority,” McConnell said, “is to make this president a one-term president.”

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