Joel Belz

Joel, WORLD's founder, writes a regular column for the magazine and contributes commentaries for The World and Everything in It. He is also the author of Consider These Things.

My daily dose

Media | Listen to WORLD Radio for a week and you’ll likely be hooked
by Joel Belz
Posted 6/14/17, 12:47 pm

So right here, in full public view, I have a new addiction to confess. I find it hard—maybe even impossible—to make it through the day without tuning in to The World and Everything in It. WORLD Radio’s daily program is WORLD Magazine’s radio cousin.

Technically, The World and Everything in It is not a radio program but a podcast. Which means that you can pick it up almost wherever you are, on your smartphone. And you can pick it up any time of day—at your own convenience.

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Not so quiet

Media | We’re here to promote discussion, but not to make up your mind
by Joel Belz
Posted 5/24/17, 11:24 am

“Your silence these days,” a friend of mine challenged me, “makes you look like a wimp. The nation’s in an uproar. Certainly WORLD must have an opinion.”

“No,” I countered. “WORLD magazine isn’t always ready to stake out an opinion. Various ones of us as individuals may have opinions. Not a single one of us speaks for the whole team.”

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The full Nelson

Voices | L. Nelson Bell’s many efforts included setting the foundation for WORLD
by Joel Belz
Posted 5/09/17, 10:11 pm

Especially in its earliest years, WORLD magazine was sometimes described by its boosters as a sort of “Christian Time magazine.” I always winced at that shorthand; it seemed so presumptuous.

But there was one sense in which the two publications shared an unusual common ancestry. Both Henry R. Luce of Time and L. Nelson Bell of WORLD had extensive missionary experience in China during their youthful years—Bell as a missionary himself, Luce as the son of missionaries.

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