Joel Belz

Joel is WORLD's founder. He contributes regular commentary for WORLD Magazine and WORLD Radio. Joel has served as editor, publisher, and CEO over three decades at WORLD and is the author of Consider These Things. Joel resides with his wife, Carol, near Asheville, N.C.

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'Never' too soon

Campaign 2016 | We have no need to rush to judgment in this odd election season
by Joel Belz
Posted 5/27/16, 01:00 am

“I can’t believe the mess we’re in,” one of my very savvy political friends fretted to me the other day. “How will we ever get it all straightened out by November?”

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Signage of the times

Sexuality | The handwriting is literally on the walls—outside restrooms
by Joel Belz
Posted 5/13/16, 01:00 am

If anyone had told me even last year that I’d be devoting two of my columns within an eight-week time frame to the signage just outside the nation’s public restrooms, I would have suggested something like a giant leap into the nearest lake. But such is the state of our once great republic.

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Sixteen years of sidewalk surveys

From Our Archives | When WORLD’s founder wants to know what’s on the mind of regular folks, he heads to the local Walmart
by Joel Belz
Posted 4/30/16, 02:50 pm

Longtime WORLD readers are familiar with Joel Belz’s visits to his local Walmart—what he calls “the blue-collar crossroads of the nation.” There, on the sidewalk outside the front doors, WORLD’s founder has asked shoppers their opinions on everything from Social Security to Supreme Court decisions. (His most recent sidewalk survey asked ordinary folks their preference in the upcoming presidential election.)

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