Joe Maxwell
Krieg Barrie

Still-silent shepherds

Roe v. Wade | Some evangelical pastors have several reasons for not preaching on abortion—and one is fear of man
by Joe Maxwell & Steve Hall
Posted 1/10/14, 01:00 am

Editor’s note: In 1994, WORLD published “Silence of the shepherds,” an article addressing the reticence of many evangelical pastors to preach on abortion. Two decades later, a WORLD survey shows that many are still silent.

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History lesson

| Failure to cut a deal may have doomed previous court nominees
by Joe Maxwell
Posted 6/04/05, 12:00 am

Smear tactics are a now familiar feature against White House federal court nominees. They were used against Judge Charles Pickering, a white, male, conservative Southern Baptist who was also a leader in civil rights and racial reconciliation in his home state of Mississippi (see "Pickled Pickering," May 14, 2005). But in the back rooms, two deals offered by Democrats to confirm Mr. Pickering show that horse-trading is also part of the process.

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Pickled Pickering

| Are those who forget history doomed to repeat it?
by Joe Maxwell
Posted 5/14/05, 12:00 am

The moment political junkies have awaited all year is coming soon. When GOP leaders renew their push for the confirmation of Judge Priscilla Owen and Judge Janice Rogers Brown, two circuit court nominees already approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, left-wing interest groups will have to decide how vigorously to wag the Democratic dog.

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