Jill Nelson

Jill is a correspondent for WORLD. She is a graduate of World Journalism Institute and the University of Texas at Austin. Jill lives in Orange County, Calif., with her husband, two sons, and three daughters. Follow her on Twitter @WorldNels.

Bumped crop

Israel | Jewish law in this sabbatical year has farmers looking not to lie fallow but to fight
by Jill Nelson
Posted 11/24/07, 12:00 am

Modern-day Israel prides itself in "making the desert bloom." In recent times the land flowing with milk and honey has more resembled a vast wasteland, but the region now boasts pomegranates with exceptional flavor, massive melons, and enough flowers and produce during the winter months to earn the nickname, "Europe's greenhouse." Farming has flourished into not only an economic but also an ideological pillar of the nation's existence.

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Turkish soldiers patrol on the Turkish-Iraqi border

New battlefront

Turkey | Turkey's parliament authorizes military into northern Iraq to oust rebels
by Jill Nelson
Posted 10/27/07, 12:00 am

Iraq's Kurdish north has been a sanctuary for thousands of Iraqis fleeing the chaos and sectarian killings in Baghdad and the volatile provinces. That could all change after Turkey's Parliament burst into applause on Oct. 17 upon authorizing a military incursion against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq-a blow to the battered Iraqi government and its war-weary civilians.

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'Warrior princess'

| Arab-Israeli reconciliation "possible," says Rice
by Jill Nelson
Posted 10/13/07, 12:00 am

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