Jenny Lind Schmitt

Jenny Lind Schmitt is a graduate of the World Journalism Institute Mid-Career Course.

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Burning issues

France | In the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, France’s Christian past collides with its turbulent secular present
by Mindy Belz & Jenny Lind Schmitt
Posted 4/19/19, 10:55 am

The pundits billed the televised speech French President Emmanuel Macron was scheduled to give at 8 p.m. on April 15 as the most important of his political career. After months of civil unrest and record protests, Macron had called for a “great national debate,” and in the Monday night address voters expected him to announce the way forward, and in so doing either unite or further divide a fractured country.

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Miracles in Munich

Refugees | Some Afghans seeking asylum in Germany have found refuge in Jesus, too 
by Jenny Lind Schmitt
Posted 3/14/19, 01:29 pm

On an August Sunday afternoon, the streets of central Munich, Germany, showed signs of approaching Oktoberfest: Huge beer tents filled the festival grounds and hundreds of temporary cell towers were in place to support the two-week influx of 7 million visitors.

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Lessons in design

Science | Organizations offer non-Darwinian education for young science students 
by Jenny Lind Schmitt & Julie Borg
Posted 2/14/19, 12:59 pm

When Darwinist propaganda dominates academia and media, how can Christian students develop countercultural convictions and, like Günter Bechly, the courage to defend them?

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