Janie B. Cheaney

Janie is a senior writer for WORLD Magazine based in Missouri. She writes novels for young adults, is the author of the Wordsmith creative writing series, and reviews books at RedeemedReader.com. Follow Janie on Twitter @jbcheaney.

Father of non-sense

| A pioneer in the rejection of objective meaning succumbs to ultimate reality
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 11/27/04, 12:00 am

A French thinker who died last month temporarily had in his sphere almost as much influence as Peter Singer in his. The man was Jacques Derrida, the "father of deconstructionism."

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Missouri no-compromise

| A victory for traditional marriage may be both a bellwether and a firebell
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 8/21/04, 12:00 am

When Missouri applied to join the union in 1818, she brought a long-simmering issue to a boil. Until then, the United States had an equal number of slave states and free states, so admitting Missouri would upset the balance and tilt the majority in Congress toward slave-holding interests. Naturally, Northern ­congressmen balked.

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Postcards from the past

| The war on terror isn't America's first launch into the great unknown
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 7/24/04, 12:00 am

IT HAPPENED EVERY FALL: THE FEAST OF THE Tabernacles, a kind of historical reenactment. For seven days Jerusalem became a tent city that recalled the vast exodus from Egypt, with echoes of the nomadic heritage of the people. ("A wandering Aramean was my father. . . .") The purpose was to recall 40 years of miraculous preservation in the wilderness while God was stamping His image on a nation of slaves. But it was also a joyous occasion, like a family reunion, sightseeing vacation, and camping trip all in one.

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