Janie B. Cheaney

Janie is a senior writer who contributes commentary to WORLD and oversees WORLD's annual Children's Book of the Year awards. She also writes novels for young adults and authored the Wordsmith creative writing curriculum. Janie resides in rural Missouri.

Associated Press/Photo by Cliff Schiappa

Tragically famous

| Image projection is a very poor second for connection
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 7/17/09, 09:02 am

Who's the most famous man in the world?" my son asked me some time back. The president of the United States, I thought. But no, it was someone my son had recently brushed against while working at Universal City Theme Park: Michael Jackson, with his children and his entourage. Excitement generated by the King of Pop went far beyond southern California-"Tibetan monks know who Michael Jackson is." That's probably true, but what does it mean?

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Robert Adamo

Manual underdrive

| Society mindlessly denigrates the 'work of our hands'
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 7/07/09, 12:00 am

My nephew once told me he wanted to be an architect. Intrigued by this career choice from an eight-year-old I asked him why. "Because it's a smart job," he said-meaning cranial rather than manual. I'm not sure if designing buildings had any strong appeal for him, but he knew he didn't want to build them.

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Chris Kleponis/AFP/Getty Images

Popular science

| Government funding for research is bound to come with bias
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 7/04/09, 12:00 am

"It is the glory of God to conceal things; but the glory of kings is to search things out" (Proverbs 25:2). The King who wrote this was famous for wisdom and observation, two attributes of the ideal scientist. Ideal science is a matter of focused attention and wise interpretation in searching out the things God has concealed. And like so many other ideals, it doesn't exist in real life.

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