Jamie Dean

Jamie is national editor of WORLD Magazine. She is a World Journalism Institute graduate and previously worked for the Charlotte World. Jamie has covered politics, disasters, religion, and more for WORLD. She resides in Charlotte, N.C. Follow Jamie on Twitter @deanworldmag.

Warming the bench

Politics | Second-string Democratic candidates don't mind waiting on the way to (maybe, maybe) winning
by Jamie Dean
Posted 10/13/07, 12:00 am

COLUMBIA, S.C.- In the children's section of the Happy Bookseller in Columbia, S.C., Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) stands on a wooden chair near the pop-up books, apologizing to a handful of supporters for his late arrival. About two dozen people are standing in a short line clutching copies of Biden's autobiography and waiting for his signature. The Democratic presidential candidate is still wearing his characteristic wide grin but admits that it's been a long day.

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Leap of faith

Campaign 2008 | Barack Obama may have a standard Democratic agenda, but he is aggressively courting churches and Christians in his run for the White House.
by Jamie Dean
Posted 10/06/07, 12:00 am

ATLANTA- Moments before Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) bounded onto the stage at a campaign rally in downtown Atlanta late last month, retired minister and civil-rights icon Joe Lowery offered an opening prayer: "Lord, we are here tonight because when we sing 'My Country 'Tis of Thee,' we see too much misery."

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States of confusion

Politics | Major changes in the primary calendar mean major challenges for candidates
by Jamie Dean
Posted 9/15/07, 12:00 am

Here's a piece of advice for presidential candidates filling in their travel schedules for the fall campaign season: Use a pencil. The eraser will come in handy when facing an ever-changing primary calendar among states clamoring for more influence in the 2008 elections.

At least 15 states have moved up their primary dates in 2008, and more than a dozen moved up their contests to Feb. 5: With more than 20 states scheduled to hold primaries that day, Feb. 5 will become the biggest single voting day in primary history.

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