Jamie Dean

Jamie lives and works in North Carolina, where she covers the political beat and other topics as national editor for WORLD Magazine. Follow Jamie on Twitter @deanworldmag.

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Wars and rumors of wars

News | The drive to protect ideology sometimes prevails over the good of others
by Jamie Dean
Posted 3/15/18, 02:33 pm

President Donald Trump’s move in March to impose hefty tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum sparked fevered debates about the potential fallout of an international trade war.

Other kinds of war bring more certain dangers. A 2017 study estimated a nuclear war with North Korea could kill 2 million people in Seoul and Tokyo, if the North Korean regime detonated a nuclear missile over the massive cities.

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A cry for #ThemToo

Sexual Abuse | From neighborhoods to nursing homes, let’s keep watch over the most vulnerable among us
by Jamie Dean
Posted 3/09/18, 05:01 pm

While the #MeToo movement continues to bring a flood of people speaking out about sexual assault and harassment, a tragic undercurrent goes far less noticed: a swelling tide of vulnerable populations who often don’t—or can’t—speak for themselves.

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Spiritual and civil remedies

Evangelicalism | Larry Nassar’s serial abuse and the Parkland shooting hold important lessons for churches dealing with serious accusations
by Jamie Dean
Posted 3/05/18, 02:46 pm

In the current issue of WORLD, I profile Rachael Denhollander, a Christian attorney, wife, and homeschooling mom who took down one of the worst known sexual predators in U.S. sports history.

In Louisville, I visited the Denhollanders’ church and their small home near the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where Rachael’s husband, Jacob, is pursuing a Ph.D.

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