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Pressure to conform

Transgenderism | LGBT activists are dialing up the heat on parents and researchers who question transgender dogma, while peer influence may be leading some teens into life-changing hormone treatments
by Jamie Dean
Posted 1/30/19, 03:05 pm

On an online forum for parents concerned about their teenagers’ sudden change in sexuality, one mother confesses: “I am desperate. My 14-year-old daughter just told me that she is trans. These past weeks have felt like a hundred years.”

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‘Trump of the Tropics’

South America | Critics of Brazil’s new president unfavorably compare him to Donald Trump, but Jair Bolsonaro’s win also marks a move away from socialism and shows the rise of evangelical influence
by Jamie Dean
Posted 1/17/19, 02:27 pm

When Fabiane Maria de Jesus stopped to buy bananas on her way home from church on a May afternoon in the Brazilian resort town of Guarujá, the wife and mother of two didn’t know it would be one of the last acts of her life.

As she walked home, de Jesus tucked her Bible under one arm and offered a banana to a boy in the street. Within moments, a gang of locals descended on her, beating de Jesus to death. A crowd gathered to watch. She was 33.

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Wesleyan University Student Assembly Office/Facebook

Oozing my religion

News | Decline seeps at once-Christian colleges; Jeffress conflates border debate with Revelation
by Jamie Dean
Posted 1/15/19, 02:19 pm

A Whirled Views roundup of U.S. religious news and views.

Un-great awakening 

The spiritual decline of many colleges and universities with religious beginnings isn’t a new development, but I was reminded of it again when I wrote about pro-life efforts at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn.

The university has been independent from the Methodist Church since 1937, but it still bears the name of John Wesley—one of founders of Methodism and an important figure in the Great Awakening. 

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