Heather Mercer
Heather Mercer (Photo by Esther Haven)

Where were you on 9/11?

Remembering 9/11 | The head of the aid group Global Hope had been arrested by the Taliban and was in captivity in Afghanistan
by Heather Mercer
Posted 8/29/11, 10:23 am

Heather Mercer had been in Afghanistan for less than five months when the Taliban arrested her, along with Dayna Curry and six others who worked for the German aid group Shelter Now, on Aug. 3, 2001. The Taliban accused the group of seeking to convert Afghans to Christianity, arrested 14 Afghans they said were converts, and threatened to kill all of them. Mercer, now 34 and head of the aid group Global Hope, was still in captivity on 9/11.

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