Hannah Harris

Hannah is a graduate of World Journalism Institute and a WORLD intern.

Associated Press/Photo by NASA/JPL-Caltech (file)

NASA marks seven years of Mars discoveries

by Hannah Harris
Posted 8/07/19, 01:22 pm

NASA’s Curiosity rover is exploring a mountain on Mars where streams might once have flowed into bubbling lakes. The rover recently drilled rock samples that contained clay minerals formed from water mixed with sediment. As of Tuesday, the $2.5 billion robot has roved the Red Planet for seven years, traveling 13 miles and ascending 1,207 feet up the Martian terrain. Curiosity got its name from 11-year-old Clara Ma, who in 2009 won a nationwide naming contest.

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Associated Press/Photo by Lacy Atkins/The Tennessean (file)

Woman sentenced to life as a teen goes free

by Hannah Harris
Posted 8/07/19, 12:07 pm

As a 16-year-old trafficked runaway, Cyntoia Brown received a life-sentence for killing a 43-year-old man who had picked her up for sex in 2006. On Wednesday, she walked out of prison at age 31 after receiving clemency from Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam in January. She will remain on parole for 10 years.

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Associated Press/Photo by Mark Lennihan

Minimum wage law stifles NYC jobs

by Hannah Harris
Posted 8/06/19, 11:36 am

New York City’s higher minimum wage is hurting some of those it was meant to help. Small businesses suffering from having to pay employees $15 an hour, which went into effect Dec. 31, are cutting work shifts and limiting overtime to compensate. Susannah Koteen, owner of Lido Restaurant in Harlem, told The Wall Street Journal, “You can only cut back so many people before the service starts to suffer.”

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