Hannah Harris

Hannah is a WORLD reporter based in Asheville, N.C.


A doctor goes to New York

Medicine | One Minnesota doctor’s experience volunteering at the COVID-19 front lines for a week
by Hannah Harris
Posted 6/11/20, 05:03 pm

On April 23, Ben Daxon, a critical care physician, donned scrubs and a scuba mask. Fitted with a 3D-printed adapter for a viral filter, the mask was “heavy, tight, suffocating,” he says. But it was necessary during Daxon’s shift working in one of six COVID-19 intensive care units at a Brooklyn, N.Y., hospital, where he volunteered for a week and where only curtains divided one critical patient from the next.

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Rachel Adams

Stranded in a pandemic

Coronavirus | Hundreds of Americans are still stuck in Peru after coronavirus shutdowns
by Hannah Harris
Posted 4/29/20, 05:42 pm

Rachel Adams first heard about “the zombie virus” in February. Rumors in Huánuco, Peru, said it attacked neural pathways and caused people to walk after they were dead. Within a week the truth about the COVID-19 pandemic replaced the science fiction stories. The first cases of COVID-19 hit Peru in early March.

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Random House Books for Young Readers

Inside the outbreak: Scarry times in scary times, Chapter 30

Health | What do people do all day—in social isolation?
by Charissa Koh & Hannah Harris
Posted 4/29/20, 03:15 pm

Here’s the 30th and final chapter of What Do Socially Isolated People Do All Day? We hope this series has encouraged you. Thanks to all the readers who sent us their stories.

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