Hannah Harris

Hannah is a graduate of World Journalism Institute and a WORLD intern.

Random House Books for Young Readers

Inside the outbreak: Scarry times in scary times, Chapter 12

Health | What do people do all day—in social isolation?
by Charissa Koh & Hannah Harris
Posted 4/03/20, 02:17 pm

Welcome to Chapter 12 of What Do Socially Isolated People Do All Day? Two ladies near Atlanta are staying busy serving others. How is social isolation impacting your daily life? Let us know: Email editor@wng.org.

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Scott Allen

Inspired by a true story

Arts | Artist Michael Sherrill’s sculptures portray the pain and beauty of life
by Hannah Harris
Posted 3/26/20, 01:58 pm

Sculptor Michael Sherrill’s studio in western North Carolina is tucked under trees, nestled a few yards from a small waterfall. The soft, cascading sound of the waterfall met the snap of a wood-burning fireplace as Sherrill poured green tea into stoneware mugs and described how nature and faith influence his art. 

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Life trajectory

Medicine | A pro-life ethic challenged and shaped OB-GYN and fertility doctor Joe McIlhaney’s long career
by Hannah Harris
Posted 10/24/19, 01:51 pm

As a high-school senior, Joe McIlhaney wrote an English class essay on why he wanted to be a veterinarian. When he realized becoming a vet would require four more years of school after college, McIlhaney wondered: “Why do all that to take care of dogs? Why not take care of people?” So he decided to become a doctor.

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