Hannah Harris

Hannah is a graduate of World Journalism Institute and a WORLD intern.


The fake news police

Media | Who fact-checks Facebook’s fact-checkers?
by Hannah Harris
Posted 9/10/19, 03:31 pm

The debate about bias at Facebook and other media intensified last month as investigators headed by former GOP Sen. Jon Kyl presented an “interim report.” Kyl’s Covington & Burling law firm interviewed 133 conservatives and heard concerns that Facebook’s third-party fact-checkers “skewed to the ideological Left.”

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Leah Hickman

Crushing expectations

Sports | A former high-school pitcher who couldn’t seem to lose finally finds lasting victory 
by Leah Hickman & Hannah Harris
Posted 8/29/19, 12:22 pm

Jon Peters, who in 1989 set the record for the most consecutive wins of any high-school baseball pitcher—51—gave pesky reporters a lot of God talk: “Anytime I felt that the media were getting too close … all I had to do was mention God, and you could see them step back.” Peters regularly thanked God during interviews, because he didn’t want the world to know that he was full of fears and had even attempted suicide.

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Jerry Holt/Minneapolis Star Tribune via ZUMA Wire/Alamy

A new drug war

Medicine | U.S. turns to Canada for cheaper drugs, but does Canada have enough to share?
by Hannah Harris
Posted 8/15/19, 03:55 pm

When pharmacist Heather Christ arrived for her afternoon shift at Shoppers Drug Mart in New Brunswick, Canada, she noticed a tower of empty pharmacy trays stacked nearly 2 feet high. The reason, Christ said: shortages. Patients with high blood pressure request a 90-day supply of medicine, but the pharmacist may only give them enough for 10 days. A mom comes to pick up an anti-convulsant for her epileptic child, only to find the drug isn’t available.

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