George Grant

George is a contributor to WORLD Radio. He is the pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Franklin, Tenn., founder of Franklin Classical School, the Chalmers Fund, the King's Meadow Study Center, and the author of more than 70 books. Follow George on Twitter @gileskirk.

Books: More blessed to give

Culture | Although with these gifts, the getting is pretty nice, too
by George Grant
Posted 11/30/96, 12:00 am

There is only one thing I enjoy more than reading really good books--and that's sharing really good books with others. As you can imagine, I really have a heyday at Christmastime.

At the top of my gift list this year is the new children's book by Michael Card, Close Your Eyes So You Can See (Harvest House). Along with its stunning musical companion--on either cassette or compact disc--it tells 10 delightful stories of children in the life of Jesus. And it tells them in the incomparable style of the poet laureate of modern Christian music.

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Rx for a sick society

Books | Going beyond the obvious in finding spiritual solutions
by George Grant
Posted 11/23/96, 12:00 am

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Manifestoes of grace

Books | The Reformation is still nailing theses to the church door
by George Grant
Posted 11/16/96, 12:00 am

The Reformation in the 16th century brought, among other things, a distinctive new emphasis upon scriptural authority, divine providence, and spiritual life in Christ. Now three of today's leading Christian thinkers have written sterling manifestos recalling us to that earlier emphasis.

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