George Grant

George is a contributor to WORLD Radio. He is the pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Franklin, Tenn., founder of Franklin Classical School, the Chalmers Fund, the King's Meadow Study Center, and the author of more than 70 books. Follow George on Twitter @gileskirk.

Bookworm bait

Books | Great writers are great reminders of the joys of reading
by George Grant
Posted 4/05/97, 12:00 am

Recently I have been reading about reading. I have been delving into these books about books in preparation for a class I am currently teaching, but I have found them so entertaining that I may just make a habit of it. Three of them particularly merit revisiting.

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Ideas live on

Books | Chilton left a rich legacy
by George Grant
Posted 3/29/97, 12:00 am

David Chilton was the most naturally gifted writer I have ever met. He could diffuse fierce controversies with his ready wit and uncommon grace. He could untangle the knotted logic of even the most obscure argument with stunning alacrity and crystalline clarity.

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A Star is born

Books | Tough-minded Star Parker preaches what she practiced
by George Grant
Posted 3/15/97, 12:00 am

"We have two economic systems working for America: capitalism for the rich and socialism for the poor. The problem with a government that lets both systems operate is that the middle class gets stuck working for the rich to support the poor." If you think that is brash and bold--and even right on target--just wait until you read the rest of the quips, sallies, and cultural retorts in a remarkable new book by Star Parker and Lorenzo Benet, Pimps, Whores, and Welfare Brats.

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