George Grant

George is a contributor to WORLD Radio. He is the pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Franklin, Tenn., founder of Franklin Classical School, the Chalmers Fund, the King's Meadow Study Center, and the author of more than 70 books. Follow George on Twitter @gileskirk.

Books: Puritanical hang-ups

Books | The real Puritans have much to teach the modern mind
by George Grant
Posted 8/23/97, 12:00 am

Despite all evidence to the contrary, the notion persists that the Puritans were dour, repressive, paltry, ignominious, and cheerless. Despite their laying the substantial foundations for our liberty, establishing our greatest institutions of freedom, and confirming our remarkable legacy of prosperity, the Puritans are routinely portrayed as an eminently forgettable feature of our cultural inheritance.

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Books: Our leadership crisis

Books | Remedies for our over-managed but under-led generation
by George Grant
Posted 8/09/97, 12:00 am

According to the great English pundit and critic Samuel Johnson, a leader is "a man who bears in his life both the most tangible and intangible qualities of heart and mind and flesh. Best we study these well."

What is it exactly that makes a man a leader? What character traits are necessary to steer men and nations into the way they should go? What constitutes genuine leadership? How are we to "study well" that which is both "the most tangible and intangible" simultaneously?

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Books: Patriotism for children

Books | By the real author of nearly everything you read as a ki
by George Grant
Posted 7/26/97, 12:00 am

Edward Stratemeyer was arguably among the most prolific and influential American authors. Indeed, he wrote more and sold more than almost any other writer who has ever lived anywhere at any time-some 1,300 novels selling in excess of 500 million copies. He created more than 125 different series-many of them familiar and beloved American cultural icons.

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