Esther Eaton
Krieg Barrie

Renting for one

Society | By choice or by chance, more New Yorkers and other Americans are living alone 
by Esther Eaton
Posted 10/24/19, 01:25 pm

When Susan Yim had roommates, she could barely cram her juice into an overcrowded freezer. Her new, roommate-free apartment is smaller, but the freezer has room to spare. Yim, a designer for J.P. Morgan, now pays fees and utilities alone, and groceries can be tricky: Her soy milk once turned chunky before she could drink it, and buying lettuce means eating salad for a week or watching it go bad. 

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Aggie Kenny via AP

Wheels of justice

New York | Following the Jeffrey Epstein case—now on hold until next summer—in a Manhattan courtroom
by Emily Belz & Esther Eaton
Posted 8/07/19, 11:47 am

Today’s New York moment is courtesy of WORLD New York summer intern Esther Eaton.

Although it’s a case that’s been dominating New York conversations, the unfolding legal drama of wealthy businessman Jeffrey Epstein might be on hold for a few months or a year. On Wednesday morning of last week, press, clerks, and private citizens filled a lower Manhattan courtroom for his status hearing.

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Piraguas in the summer heat

Arts | A drop-in at the New York filming of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights
by Emily Belz & Esther Eaton
Posted 7/09/19, 02:58 pm

Today’s New York moment is courtesy of WORLD New York summer intern Esther Eaton.

A woman pushed a stroller down the sidewalk. A smiling couple paused at a corner produce stand to buy mangos. A young man inspected the prices at a barbershop.

“Cut! Reset.”

Pedestrians stopped, turned around, and returned to their starting marks as the film crew members reset their cameras.

“Background, action!”

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