Esther Eaton
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Another shot for college students

Health | Universities write student vaccinations into this year’s COVID-19 plans
by Esther Eaton
Posted 9/23/20, 11:32 pm

When students at Dordt University, a Christian liberal arts school in Iowa, read the school’s COVID-19 behavior agreement this year, they found standard precautions: mask-wearing, hand-washing, social distancing. But the four-page document, which students must sign before returning to campus, included an unusual paragraph. By signing below, it said, students agreed Dordt could require them to get an influenza vaccine—and a COVID-19 vaccine when one became available.

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Photo by Esther Eaton

Free care amid COVID-19

Health | In Texas, a Christian medical clinic serves hundreds of low-income patients living in a coronavirus hot spot
by Esther Eaton
Posted 9/10/20, 11:21 am

On an August afternoon in Harlingen, Dr. Stephen Robinson had sweated through the armpits of his blue scrubs by the time he said goodbye to his last patient of the day. 

Robinson, with dark-rimmed glasses perched on his nose and a stethoscope draped around his neck, volunteers about 16 hours a week at Culture of Life Ministries. The 8-year-old pro-life medical clinic offers free care for low-income patients, but amid the coronavirus pandemic, it has had to adjust how it sees patients. 

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Associated Press/Photo by Kenneth Ferriera/Lincoln Journal Star

Nebraska governor signs pro-life bill

by Esther Eaton
Posted 8/15/20, 07:34 pm

The Cornhusker State now protects unborn babies from dismemberment abortions. The procedure, called “dilation and evacuation,” involves pulling them from the womb in pieces. The unicameral legislature in Lincoln, Neb., finished its session on Thursday by passing a bill prohibiting the procedure. Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts signed it into law at a ceremony outside the state Capitol in Lincoln on Saturday.

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