Erica Kwong
AP Photo/Apple Daily

Clampdown on democracy

Hong Kong | Last week’s mass arrest of political activists signals the Hong Kong regime’s attempt to snuff out opposition
by Erica Kwong
Posted 1/12/21, 04:47 pm

Last week, authorities in Hong Kong arrested 55 people in the largest crackdown on pro-democracy activists since Beijing imposed a new national security law on the region over the summer. Hong Kong police arrested organizers and candidates involved in the pro-democracy camp’s election primaries last July, accusing them of subversion.  

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Philip Fong/AFP via Getty Images

For one Hong Kong pastor, frozen bank accounts

Hong Kong | Authorities freeze accounts of a Hong Kong church and its pastor in apparent political retaliation
by Erica Kwong
Posted 12/30/20, 02:43 pm

Earlier this month, the global bank HSBC froze the bank account of Good Neighbor North District Church, a Hong Kong church known for political activism, along with the accounts of the church’s pastor, Roy Chan, and his wife.

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AP Photo/Vincent Yu

Opposition ousted

Hong Kong | Prosecuted and disqualified, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy lawmakers resign en masse
by Erica Kwong
Posted 11/11/20, 01:46 pm

On Wednesday, all 19 pro-democracy members of Hong Kong’s legislature appeared before media to announce their resignation. The opposition members are leaving the Legislative Council in protest after Beijing on Wednesday authorized the Hong Kong government to disqualify and remove four pro-democracy legislators who were already barred from reelection.

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