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Open again

Child Welfare | The Pines youth treatment facilities, following sex abuse scandal in April, allowed limited admissions
by Eric Burk
Posted 8/25/11, 05:55 pm

Virginia officials said Monday they would allow limited admissions at three treatment centers for troubled youth in the Hampton Roads area after officials halted admissions in April for a series of violations.

Beginning Sept. 1, the centers, operated by The Pines Residential Treatment Center, can begin admitting three residents per week, said Les Saltzberg, director of the Office of Licensing for the Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services.

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Proposed upgrade route (

Safer or sprawl?

Transportation | VDOT proposal for expansion to Rt. 460 to improve access to the Hamptons under fire
by Eric Burk
Posted 4/07/11, 02:24 pm

A major upgrade to U.S. Route 460-an arrow-straight stretch running from Petersburg to Suffolk that offers an alternate to I-64 for access to the Hampton area-is encountering opposition from environmentalists who worry that it will encourage urban sprawl in an undeveloped area.

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Fairfax rescue team setting up  (AP/Matt Dunham)

Souls shaken

Japan | Virginia's Christian relief organizations step up to aid Japanese earthquake victims
by Eric Burk
Posted 3/22/11, 05:31 pm

Japan's recent earthquake and tsunami have left many Japanese homeless, and the evolving crisis at the Fukushima I nuclear power plant has compounded the situation.

Akira Satoh, a Christian pastor and evacuee from Fukushima, said, "Our wandering like Romany has just begun. To the congregation without houses, who were only with the barest necessities, I've asked, 'Do you need to laundry?' They replied, 'Since we don't have changes, we don't need to do the laundry.' I lost my words."

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