Emily Whitten

Emily reviews books and movies for WORLD and is a contributor at RedeemedReader.com. She homeschools her two children and sees books through the eyes of a mother.

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Cedar Cove

by Emily Whitten
Posted 7/26/13, 01:00 am

With over 170 million books in print, Debbie Macomber has proven that when it comes to romance stories, the word “romance” doesn’t have to equal “sleazy.”  And she isn’t afraid to reveal to secular media why she writes cleaner stories than most: She’s an evangelical Christian.  

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20 Feet from Stardom

by Emily Whitten
Posted 7/12/13, 01:00 am

Her voice trembling, eyes watering, Merry Clayton admits, “I felt that if I just gave my heart to what I was doing, I would automatically be a star.”  

From Ray Charles to Sheryl Crow to Elton John, musical stardom has afforded many pop icons a measure of earthly glory. But in this documentary, the spotlight finally hits some of the 20th century’s greatest back-up singers like Clayton—people you’ve heard, but never heard of.  

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Unmasking The Lone Ranger

Movie | Disney’s adaptation of the classic Western is saddled with political and spiritual baggage
by Emily Whitten
Posted 7/03/13, 09:06 am

When we first meet Lone-Ranger-in-training, John Reid (Armie Hammer), he has no mask, no horse, and no hint of a sidekick. Fresh out of law school, he’s traveling to his hometown with an ideal of justice that—like his dandy suit—seems to have no place in the Wild West.

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