Emily Whitten

Emily reviews books and movies for WORLD and is a contributor at RedeemedReader.com. She homeschools her two children and sees books through the eyes of a mother.

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Muslim Journeys: Let's talk about it ... again

by Emily Whitten
Posted 5/17/13, 07:30 am

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Notable Books

Books | Four Christian novels
by Emily Whitten
Posted 5/17/13, 01:00 am

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A bit rusty

Movie | <em>Iron Man 3</em> will hold viewers’ attention, but it’s no <em>Avengers</em>
by Emily Whitten
Posted 5/03/13, 01:00 am

Tony Stark of Iron Man 3 blasts into theaters with quite a reputation preceding him. Having last appeared in the 2012 spring blockbuster, The Avengers, a film that earned $1.5 billion worldwide, Robert Downey Jr. here resumes his place on the big screen as Iron Man/Tony Stark—and arrives once again in the wake of jaw-dropping overseas sales numbers, topping even The Avengers’ early returns.

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