Emily Whitten

Emily is a book critic and writer for WORLD. She is a World Journalism Institute and University of Mississippi graduate, previously worked at Peachtree Publishers, and developed a mother's heart for good stories over a decade of homeschooling. Emily resides with her family in Nashville, Tenn. Follow her on Twitter @emilyawhitten.

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Out of darkness

Movie | In <em>The Dark Knight Rises</em>, Batman must move beyond politics and ideology to battle evil
by Emily Whitten
Posted 7/20/12, 12:38 pm

In this final installment of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, the drama begins with three bound and hooded terrorists thrust aboard a plane. It's their connection with one name-Bane-that gives them priority, and their interrogator wastes no time pressing them.

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The Magic of Belle Isle

Movie | Considering the talented people involved, this movie is disappointing
by Emily Whitten
Posted 7/13/12, 04:21 am

If Belle Isle holds any magic for washed-up Western novelist Monte Wildhorn (Morgan Freeman), it's in the town liquor shop. Or so it seems when his nephew drops him off in the sleepy coastal town to dog-sit for the summer. And that suits Wildhorn, confined to a wheelchair, just fine: His only aspiration is to be left alone with his first love (40 proof) and the ghosts of his past.

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Agenda on the shelves

Books | The American Library Association's social activism undermines public trust in a community institution
by Emily Whitten
Posted 7/06/12, 02:43 pm

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