Emily Whitten

Emily reviews books and movies for WORLD and is a contributor at RedeemedReader.com. She homeschools her two children and sees books through the eyes of a mother.

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Playing politics

Documentary | Boys State offers a look at the political instincts of young Americans
by Emily Whitten
Posted 9/24/20, 03:09 pm

Every summer, the veterans organization American Legion hosts nearly 20,000 teens in weeklong camps called Boys State. Hundreds of boys in each state run for mock political office (or did before COVID-19, at least), including the top spot of governor. Even if you’re not a political junkie, the experience seems like a lot of fun, especially as presented in the new documentary Boys State, filmed in Texas in 2018. 

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Getting the best out of books

Q&A | Advice from a homeschooling mom and author on using books to educate children
by Emily Whitten
Posted 8/28/20, 02:45 pm

With the continued impact of COVID-19, this year millions of American kids may learn at the kitchen table rather than a school desk. Homeschool mom Jamie C. Martin runs two websites to help homeschoolers, including SimpleHomeschool.net. In 2016, she published Give Your Child the World: Raising Globally Minded Kids One Book at a Time with over 600 book recommendations. Recently, I talked with Martin about how Christian families can use books to educate kids.

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Dust off the bookshelf

Children’s Books | Classics for tweens and teens
by Emily Whitten
Posted 7/29/20, 05:24 pm

Watership Down by Richard Adams: Before becoming a full-time author, British war veteran and civil servant Richard Adams invented this tale of talking rabbits for his two daughters. In 1972, he published it in book form, soon selling more than a million copies and earning a Carnegie Medal. The story of rabbits seeking a new warren will appeal to tweens and teens, but even mature readers can appreciate the skillful storytelling. Winsome characters like Hazel, the leader, and his muscle, Bigwig, display a complex view of human personality and politics.

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