Emily Belz in New York
Elizabeth Williams/AP

Traffic and a trafficker

Crime | New York City’s two federal courts are working through a smorgasbord of blockbuster cases, including that of notorious cartel leader El Chapo
by Emily Belz in New York
Posted 1/25/19, 09:45 am

Outside the courtroom for the trial of drug cartel king Joaquín Guzmán, better known as El Chapo, Julio and Carmen Gaytan stood in the security line. The Gaytans flew from California just to see a few days of the trial—to glimpse El Chapo, who was once a billionaire and whose Sinaloa Cartel is responsible for the deaths of thousands.

“We know Chapito,” Carmen Gaytan said of Guzmán's son. “Well, we don’t know him.”  

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